July 16, 2021


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5 Times Peruzzi Have Trended For The Wrong Reasons.

In showbiz, there is a popular quotation that “every publicity is a good publicity”, therefore do not be surprised when entertainers appear on the headline for the wrong reasons.

DMW singer and song writer, Perruzzi have been on the news many times for the wrong reasons and this article will highlight some of them. Controversy makes and mars a person, but they are still good publicity.

1. Perruzi and Chioma


Perruzi once trended for having intimate affairs with Chef Chioma who is also his Boss’ fiance and baby mama. This same Chioma, through her relationship with Davido, was the one who introduced Perruzzi her cousin to DMW. Let’s get the triangle clear: Chioma is Perruzzi’s cousin, Chioma is Davido’s fiance/baby mama, and Davido is Perruzzi’s Boss.

News had it that Perruzzi have allegedly had canal knowledge of his cousin Chioma, and the news is definitely a disturbing one. Many other notable personalities also claim to be in possession of video clips that proves the rumour true.

2. Peruzzi Accused Of Rape

In the early months of the year 2020, many celebrities were accused of rape and s*xuall harrasment, including D’banj, General Overseers of COZA church, Pastor Abiodun, Zoro, Perruzi, etc. Perruzi was implicated by so many tweets and posts made by him talking about raping people. In one of the tweets, his words were “I am a rapist”.

These didn’t go down well as many Nigerians lambasted him. A lady, a UK-based singer Daffy Blanco also accused him of having raped her and collected money worth N15m from her.

But the “Whiskey” crooner came out publicly to deny all the allegations leveled against him that he is not and will never be a rapist. This was after his boss, Davido unfollowed him on Twitter and Instagram.

3. Who Be Wizkid?

Another time Peruzzi was on the news for the wrong reason was after he was seen in a leaked video saying “Who be Wizkid?”. Many saw it as a sign that the singer has no respect and is jealous of fellow singer, Starboy Wizkid, despite the fact he is yet to achieve quarter of what Starboy have achieved.

After many heats and pressure from the public, the singer came online to deny that he never said “Who be Wizkid?” but was rather saying “Who be whiskey?” which Davido sang about in his song, Risky. However, Wizkid never responded and fans has it that Wizkid will rather attend to his dog than give attention to Peruzzi, while others are of the opinion that Wizkid don’t even know Peruzzi.

4. Peruzzi was also in the news not too recently for slapping popular Twitter influencer, Pamilerin at an event that took place in Delta state. It wasn’t clear what transpired between both parties, but we think it is wrong for Celebrities as such to wash their dirty linens in public.

5. Peruzzi Threw Shades At Teni

He was once bashed for saying that he had made more money than Teni following her headies Rookie of the year win in 2018 which he got a nomination in the same category.