July 16, 2021


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MI Abaga And Vector Are Planning On Another Diss

Were you thinking the bad blood between MI Abaga and Vector The Viper is over? Were you thinking they have burried the hatchet? Well, sorry to tell you, you are mistaken, the diss and the beef goes on.

These two heavyweight Nigerian rappers are coming to hit you again with something even bigger than the ones we have seen. It is called “The Conversation“.The Chocolate City music president, dropped an insight via his official twitter handle.

Let us back it up to how it all started. In the middle of the year 2019, MI Abaga and his teammates (AQ, Loose Kaynon, and Blaqbones) were chosen to present the Hennessy Cypher, which is an annual ritual for the Hennessy Artistry. Vector didn’t seem to have taken the bars spitted by MI Abaga lightly as he felt attacked. He therefore took to the studio to record a diss track for MI, titled Tetracycline. As if he wasn’t satisfied, he took his team (Pyper and Vander) to studio to record another diss track for the entire Chocolate Music team, titled The Purge. To this, MI Abaga then hit the booth to record a reply to Vector in a diss track which he titled The Viper, Vector then followed it up with Judah The Rat.

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But we thought they have hurried the hatchet and let the sleeping dog lie, until when The Short Black Boy took to his official twitter account to make a shocking post revealing his next move head-to-head with fellow rapper and protagonist, Vector The Viper.

In the twitter post made by MI Abaga, he posted a video showing himself, Vector and DJ Jimmy Jatt in different scenes talking about the bad blood among the two rappers, and he caption the tweet:

Let the conversation begin!!!!!

#HennessyArtistry2020 #TheConversation

See the original tweet below.

We believe that MI Abaga and Vector The Viper are planning to hit us with something interestingly big to keep the rap and hip hop world entertained.

The Conversation will most likely be sponsored by Hennessy.