July 16, 2021


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You Must First Ban Cow Meat Before Banning Herdsmen – Sen Nyako Blows Hot

fulani herdsmen

A Senator who represented Adamawa Central Senatorial district during the 8th Assembly has come out in defense of his Fulani herdsmen. According to his publication in the Daily Trust Newspaper. He declared that he was a Herdsman. He said he was given herds of cattle by his father when he was just 20 years right after he completed his Quranic recitation programme.

Nyako also stressed the fact that fulani Herdsmen cannot be banned until there is a ban on meat, milk before you talk about banning the Fulani Herdsmen. According to him the Leather belts, bags, Kpomo, Shaki, round about and Suya are all by-products of cow meat. They should shut up if they don’t have an alternative means of obtaining these products. He made reference to the planned eviction of Herdsmen from Oyo and Ondo State.

According to the former Senator the fulani herdsmen know the lineage if each cow and the cows can recognize them.

He added that the current system of grazing can be reviewed to ensure that fulani herdsmen and farmers conflict is stopped. This is the best option according to him.

He further said that some Politicians were fueling hate in the country. It would be better if we all focused on the current economic and food problem in Nigeria. Nigeria’s population is predicted to hit 400 million in 2050, hence we have to ensure protein is available to cater for the population added.

Recall, that there have been calls lately for the eviction of killer fulani herdsmen in Oyo and Ondo State. A freedom fighter Sunday Igboho have also emerged as a strong voice behind the agitation, Benue state government had also nabbed some armed herdsmen along its borders recently for flouting the anti grazing law after the Nasarawa state government raised alarm over regrouping of boko haram insurgents in the area .