July 16, 2021


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Young Lady Runs Mad Vibing To Omah Lay’s Music

A young lady was spotted in a public place displaying some degree of madness as she vibes alongside Nigerian talented and fast rising music sensation, Omah Lay‘s music.

The unidentified young lady was later shown on twitter not to be mad, but the music which she was listening to got her into such mood.

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A twitter user, with username @crackheadXtra posted the video, with caption

“@Omah_Lay got me feeling emotional. 😭”

See the original tweet below.


Some says the act of display is a challenge to fulfil a bet she made, while other people are of the opinion that the emotional music actually blew her away.

This goes down to describe the effect of music to the body, soul and mind. There is a popular saying that “music is the food for the soul”. If you have never been in this level of vibing mood, or something close, then you haven’t started listening to music.

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